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Cooling Machine

Cooling Machine

Production Capacity: 2-36TPH

Feeding Granularity: Φ1.5×15m-Φ3.3×40m

Technical Features: Cooling the clinker (1000-1300℃) discharged from rotary kiln to below 200℃ and improving the quality and grinding ability of the clinker.

Applied Materials: Dolomite, kaolin, bauxite, refractory charge, cement, limestone, titanium powder, bauxite ore, activated carbon, coke, slag, alumina, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, blast furnace slag, coal, metal powder, phosphate, ammonium sulfate, etc.

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The Handling Materials and Application of Cooling Machine

Cooling machine is mainly used for cooling clinker, slag, limestone, coal and clay in building materials industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, cement industry, etc. It has the advantages of simple structure, high thermal efficiency, low maintenance cost, less investment, and high operation efficiency, which is often used to cool clinker of the 500 ~ 2000t/d production line. Cooling machine also can be called cooler or rotary drum cooler.

The Features of Monocular Cooling Machine:

1. The clinker discharged from rotary kiln (1000-1200 ℃) can realize full heat exchange with the air by the rotating cylinder, so that the material is cooled to (200 ℃), while improving the quality and grindability of clinker,
2. All the air generated after the cooling of materials can enter into the kiln as the secondary air circulation, so as to improve the thermal efficiency of furnace.

Cooling Machine

When Choosing the Cooling Equipment, We Must Firstly Understand the Characteristics of the Cooler.

1. The adaptability to the materials, such as whether it achieves the cooling degree and uniformity of the cooling products.
2. Whether the cooler is harmful to the quality of products. Some products are required to maintain a crystal shape; some products cannot be deformed or cracked.
3. High and low thermal efficiency is the main technical and economic indexes of cooling machine.

Technical data

Main Reducer
Main Motor
Φ1.5×15 2~3 3~5 ZQ500 15 28
Φ1.5×20 3~4 3~5 ZQ500 15 35
Φ1.8×18 4~6 3~5 ZQ500 18.5 47
Φ2.0×22 7~8.5 3~5 ZQ500 22 61
Φ2.2×18 7~8.5 3~5 ZQ500 22 64
Φ2.2×22 8~10 3~5 ZQ650 30 73
Φ2.4×24 12~15 3~5 ZS125 45 98
Φ2.5×25 15~20 3~5 ZS125 55 110
Φ2.8×28 16~22 3~5 ZL100 55 130
Φ3.0×30 20~25 3~5 ZL115 75 169
Φ3.2×36 28~32 3~5 ZL115 90 200
Φ3.3×40 32~36 3~5 ZI130 132 237
Φ3.6×36 35~38 3~5 ZSY450-28 185 318
Φ4.0×36 50~60 3~5 ZSY450-25 220 348
Φ4.0×45 60~70 3~5 ZSY450-25 250 414
Φ4.5×50 70~75 3~5 ZSY500-25 315 576

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