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Bamboo Pellet Mill

Bamboo Pellet Mill

Processing Specifications: 6-20mm

Yield: 2.8-3.6 tons/hour (crude fiber)

Pellet Making Temperature: 80-100(Celsius)

Applicable Materials: bamboo, bamboo chips, bamboo shavings and other bamboo materials.

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The Handling Materials and Application of Bamboo Pellet Mill

When it comes to bamboo, the first thought is an ornament; in fact, the small bamboo is also full of wealth. Bamboo has large density, high combustion value, relatively large unit weight, so that it can be made into biomass particles for burning.

 Bamboo pellet mill is also known as bamboo pellets press machine or bamboo pellet making mill, which takes bamboo as raw material to press it into bamboo pellet fuel. The bamboo particles can be used in fireplace, boiler, gasification furnace and biomass power plants.

Bamboo Waste Bamboo Pellets
Bamboo Waste Bamboo Pellets

Bamboo pellet mill is a new kind of biomass fuel processing equipment. In the market, the bamboo pellet mill with mature technology is less and less, so Fote Machinery reminds you that a good bamboo pellet making machine must meet the following requirements:

1) Low fault during the mechanical production process.
2) The electric energy consumption must be low to produce per ton of bamboo pellet.
3) The physical shape of materials will not be damage in the pressing process.
4) Particle surfaces should be finish, and the hardness is 1.1-1.3 tons per cubic meter.

Bamboo Pellet Machine


1. The pressing roller lubrication part adopts the microcomputer to conduct the real-time monitoring of the operation. When the bearing temperature exceeds the normal use of the temperature, the microcomputer will automatically start the lubricating device for lubrication protection of the bearing.

2. The ring die and roller use alloy steel for forging and precision machining, and the heat treatment process uses carburizing, the carburizing layer up to 2mm, which is nearly ten times of the general heat process, so as to maximize the production cost.

3. The bamboo particles do not contain phosphorus, which has no corrosion of boiler, so that it can prolong the service life of the boiler and the enterprise will benefit a lot.

4. Because bamboo does not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide when burning, so it will not lead to acid rain, and it has no pollution to the environmental.

5. Pellet fuel is clean and sanitary, which is convenient for feeding. It can reduce the labor intensity of workers and greatly improve the working environment, and the enterprise will reduce labor costs.

Technical data

Model Power(Kw) Pellet Specification(mm) Capacity(t/h)
FKL55 75 φ4-φ12 0.8-1.5
FKL56 90 φ4-φ12 1.2-1.8
FKL58 160 φ4-φ12 1.8-2.1
FKL68 160 φ4-φ12 2-2.5
FKL85 220 φ4-φ12 2.5-3.5
FKL88 315 φ4-φ12 3.5-4.5
FKL105 360-450 φ4-φ30 5-8
FKL125 550-660 φ4-φ30 8-12

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